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He aha te mea nui o te ao? He Tangata, He Tangata, He Tangata. 

What is the most important thing in the world? It is people, it is people, it is people.


Do you own or run a busy business with 4-20 staff? Looking for some professional development for your team?

If so, keep reading..

If you are a medium-large business or organization and would like to know how Joel can help you click here

Do you have a hardworking high performing team?

Do your people go above and beyond for your clients and do great work?

Do you see your team more as a second family than a set of employees?

Would you like to reward your people with something unique, relevant and truly empowering?


If you answered yes to the above, then I have designed this workshop for YOU!



Over the last 15 years I have been delivering people solutions to businesses across New Zealand, Australia and Italy. From 20 minute keynotes to multi-day, multi-year programmes. I have found the sweet spot for small businesses with 4-20 staff is a 3.5-4hr workshop together sharing the three most important ideas.

The 3 outcomes of this workshop include:

1. Gifting your people with awareness and understanding of the greatest asset they have to facilitate personal change (and the technique to do so) 

2. Increased trust, connection and cohesion at work and at home

3. Frameworks to assist in faster, clearer decision making so that you can decrease the emotional output and redirect your attention where it matters most


Participants say that after just 3-4hrs with Joel:

“Seriously, on Friday everyone was saying this was the best training session we have ever had within **** and I’m glad I was finally part of it. 

I have taken a lot from Thursday, so really appreciate your contribution to our professional and personal development"

- Sam, Participant 2019

"It was an absolute honour to participate and enrol in your session Joel – your pitch was perfect and the session was instrumental in pulling together a heavy week into a cultural transformation."

- Trudie, General Manager, Antartica NZ

"His ability to connect on every level is a talent limited to a very few, so if you are swimming with ideas, but you just want them to land, I cannot recommend highly enough starting your team on a journey with Joel …"​

- Owner & Team Leader of 27 Staff

How it works:

  1. Book in a 15min chat with Joel right here

  2. I'll call you and ask you 6 questions

  3. I build your team needs into the proven framework

  4. We book a date, time and location (almost always onsite at your location)

  5. We deliver something truly unique and life-changing for your team


This workshop isn’t for you if:

  • You are a large organization and business

  • You don’t believe in investment in personal growth for deep retention

  • You are looking for a good trainer that delivers a good programme with good outcomes


About the workshop:

  • Joel uses a range of different learning techniques to manage and lead attention and engagement.

  • He also uses evidence-based research and studies to enhance the takeaway value.

  • Joel is super down to earth. A real straight up easy-going Wellingtonian who is passionate about people progress both personally and professionally

  • The workshop is fast-paced, super engaging and the insights pop like popcorn

  • We deep dive into three areas that everyone can control, so as a result, the aftermath is “shit, I can really take charge and make a difference”

  • Empowerment, motivation and self-confidence to make a difference at work and at home. That’s what we do


If you think this workshop is right for you

book a call with Joel right here.


And let’s get your team moving faster towards its high performing potential.


Frequently asked questions:

  • That workshop was brilliant, what’s next? Obviously in 3-4hrs we delivery huge value but as always the most effective people Leadership training and development solution involves ongoing support and mentorship. Not all business have the time money or priority for this. If you do, please ask Joel to send your thoughts his free PDF overview of what we do outside of RESET RESYNC & RECONNECT

  • I am a medium or large-sized business do you work with multiple teams for the same business? Joel partners with only a handful of purpose-driven people-centric kiwi businesses at a time. If you would kick to speak with Joel about your organizational vision and the kind of support you need, email Joel directly right here.

  • How much is Joel’s RESET RESYNC & RECONNECT workshop? It’s expensive. And that is directly related to the value created for your team specifically. So if you don’t have a deep hunger for giving your team the very best, if their empowerment, confidence and motivation don’t cross your mind with regularity, this won’t be for you. If you’d like a quote for your workshop including and travel requirements then fill in this form.

  • I have a manager / emerging leader (or a few) I want to develop and get to their next level, can you help with that? Absolutely, Joel offers his signature programme: LEAD WELL once a quarter right here

“Only three things happen naturally in business; friction, confusion & underperformance. Everything else requires leadership” - Peter Drucker  

I help teams,

re-connect and re-define their culture.

Screen Shot 2020-06-02 at 1.41.18 PM.png

"We feel good as a team that we were honest about not being as cohesive as we would like and it's not a bad news story - we are a profitable and successful business in some ways but we have acknowledged we need more team goals to shift us from operating individually to as a unit and have made considerable progress on this since our training.”​


– 2019 Distil Team Culture participant

Trainings are memorable, relevant and built to embed a culture that is efficient and effective. We call it, defining your DNA (Distinct Natural Advantage)


The #1 reason your people want to come to the office instead of working from home, is social connection and in-person collaboration.


So let's make sure that while you have people coming into work, they're leaving with that box well and truly ticked 

Bottom line: your people reconnected and clear
about what we need to do, to be great

“Wow - we came out of the day at a much better place than when we went in.
As a team, we would never have been able to get there on our own.
It was very skilful, the way Joel took us on that journey and to now have a set of office values and an actual culture that we have created is just wow.”

- 2018 Distil Team Culture participant

"What Joel delivered was bang on. The course participants were thoroughly engaged by Joel's content, his passion, his enthusiasm and fully immersed themselves in conversations and exercises.  

They leave the sessions motivated and now have the skills and tools to deal with life just that little bit easier. Joel is an amazing facilitator"

-Megan, Industry Development Manager, Downer New Zealand


Get in touch now re-set, re-connect and inspire your team.

Have a larger team that needs MORE? A programme created specifically for your business goals and people needs

Joel partners with a handful of committed clients over a minimum 12 month period to deliver onsite or offsite in-person team training that captivate, inspire and influence your high-performance culture. Joel's mission is to enable effective individuals that drive a world-class culture.  

"Joel brings a passion and energy to a session that makes you listen, encourages you to take part and motivates you to think .... even in a Saturday session! He brings that perfect balance between talking and listening, questioning and informing that is required to keep a session moving."
Gaynor Morrah - HR for House of Travel  

Don't Lead the Horse to Water, Make the Horse Thirsty 

We build confident, connected teams

Who is Joel?

Joel uses a combination of positive psychology, neuroscience, NLP, emotional intelligence & accelerated learning techniques, to enhance the participant experience so ‘time flies’ and key moments stick.


Joel is competent in professional speaking (the art of telling), training teams (the science of showing) and outcome-driven facilitation & coaching (the skill of asking). Engaging Joel gives you a full spectrum professional to manage the demands of your audience & elegantly nail your desired outcome. 


Joel draws on his experience as a business owner in the Health industry and an International Operations Manager in Australia & Italy for 10yrs. As well as just generally walking the ‘leadership’ talk for over 15 years.


Joel is a Husband, Father and adventure lover.


"WOW, what a difference a day makes!


Conducting 20 full day courses, reaching over 230 people with the same energy for the last as for the first was amazing to see.  


Joel you not only talk the talk, but you walk the walk.  Your authentic, genuine approach, and belief in what you are teaching and in those you are teaching, is why you have received such high praise and a 5/5 evaluation from those who participated. 


Seeing those lightbulb moments and sharing the 20 days with you has been a revelation!"

- Cath, House of Travel

"Today was such an epic day for the team and so inspiring.

Joel, you were outstanding today and the team got so much out of your session and have even asked ALREADY if we could have more involvement with you.

In the afternoon we kept referring back to the ideas you brought to life for us. Thank You"

- Sarah, Air New Zealand

"..It was also beneficial to us that Joel was able to tailor the training to our needs which made the process more valuable. He’s not only an extraordinary coach but an incredibly good human being"

- James Wheable, General Manager, Aida NZ

"Intuitively I knew the culture development my team would benefit from,  Joel managed to take my many ideas, and tune it to a tailor-made programme that hit the absolute perfect note with very minimal input from me. 

- Tanya, Tauranga House of Travel Owner

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