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 Engaging Real

"Joel's energy is infectious and his impact is powerful. We can't wait to see what he comes up with for our next conference" 

- Danii, Marketing Manager, Fowler Homes

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The right Keynote Speaker for your next Event


Joel's keynotes are designed to connect with your people and address your challenges. Joel delivers keynotes worldwide, each one tailored to what will inspire every audience to take action.

Your audience doesn’t need another 'off the shelf', 'rinse and repeat', generic keynote. They need the perfect mix of motivation & practical action, built from deep research and understanding.

Over 15 years of informing & interacting with audiences across New Zealand, Australia and Europe, you can rest assured your audience will be captivated and engaged - and your conference, the best yet.

"Joel has an innate ability to captivate the audience, making his presentations incredibly engaging and accelerating learning. A very self-aware audience left inspired, blown away and ready to make an impact"


"He uses humour, humility, challenge and genuine care for others, which enable the best opportunity for insight and inspiration"


- Sam,  Community Lead, Lululemon

- Danny, CEO, Duffle & Co


"Joel was able to tailor the training to our needs which made the keynote more valuable. He’s not only an extraordinary speaker but an incredibly good human being"

Who is Joel?

Joel uses a combination of positive psychology, neuroscience, NLP, emotional intelligence & accelerated learning techniques, to enhance the keynote experience so ‘time flies’ and key moments stick.


Joel is competent in professional speaking (the art of telling), training teams (the science of showing) and outcome driven facilitation & coaching (the skill of asking). Engaging Joel gives you a full spectrum professional to manage the demands of your audience & elegantly nail your desired outcome. 


Joel draws on his experience as a business owner in the Health industry and an International Operations Manager in Australia & Italy for 10yrs. As well as just generally walking the ‘leadership’ talk for over 15 years.


Joel is a Husband, Father and adventure lover.


Keynotes Tailored To Your Audience

All of Joel’s keynotes are interactive, inspiring and motivating. Engagement is an absolute must from start to finish.

Joel tailors each presentation by researching the group’s unique needs.  Allow 45-90 minutes per speech. 

Break Out Activity

When the time frame allows Joel can add a 30min break out session to any 45 or 60min keynote (depend on participant numbers) to:

  • Elevate group energy

  • Bring everyone together

  • Increase support & connection 

  • Test out & reinforce learnings with a physical challenge

  • Create an indescribable unrepeatable unique moment to inspire your entire organisation


"This was a unique and powerful experience. A real highlight of the day."

Book Joel for Your Next Event!

Get a 10/10 from participants at your next Conference or Event.

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What people say

"Today was such an epic day for the team and so inspiring.


Joel, you were outstanding today and the team got so much out of your session and have even asked ALREADY if we could have more involvement with you.


In the afternoon we kept referring back to the ideas you brought to life for us. Thank You"

"Would like a repeat of this every year please"

- Participant

"I’ve never given such amazing feedback as that course – you are amazing Joel - Oh totally worth it, I was on a high for days after”

- Jenny, Sales Consultant

- Sarah, Air New Zealand

"Our time with Joel was exceptional. "

- Jacqui Victor, True Grit

"I write to express my sincere thanks for being our MC and for providing the workshop material at the Launching Leaders Conference"

-Graeme, Scots College 

"I feel like a million dollars and just want to spread the work about how fantastic and uplifting you are"

- Donna, PA

“Joel was fantastic & had great energy! Most valuable things were learning how peoples core values influence their decision making"

- Participant

"Joel presented at our sales conference on “focus” and prepped and primed our team for a day of learning. He had our team from sitting and dreaming of coffee to cheering and breaking blocks within half an hour"

- Danni, Fowler Homes

"It was an absolute honour to participate and enrol in your session Joel – your pitch was perfect and the session was instrumental in pulling together a heavy week into a cultural transformation. 


People are already calling for an encore."

- Trudie, Antartica NZ

"Joel you not only talk the talk, but you walk the walk.  Your authentic, genuine approach, and belief in what you are teaching and in those you are teaching, is why you have received such high praise and a 5/5 evaluation from those who participated"

- Cath, House of Travel

Book Joel for Your Next Event!

Get a 10/10 from participants at your next Conference or Event.

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