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Coaching & Mentoring with Joel

If you manage to secure a spot with Joel as a coaching client, you are in for a real adventure. 

Joel is a sharp combination of both your coach & your mentor. He will switch between tell, show and ask mode depending on what you need at any given moment during your sessions.


  • Tell Mode - to save you time and get you to your goal faster. "Do this… Don’t do this! 

  • Show Mode - to help you understand what the idea looks like in action, how to do it and WHY its critical you do it this way and not your old way

  • Ask Mode - to empower you into action so you get it, become highly motivated and take action way beyond the sessions with Joel 

Sessions are held on Zoom and are typically 50mins. Each session has a specific outcome based on the agreed vision for the coaching. Joel may also send you training videos to deepen your understanding, commitment and courage in between sessions. 

Coaching with Joel is not passive. It is very supportive, very encouraging and very challenging. We create a vision of your better future and then empower you to move confidently towards that vision. 

If you are interested in Coaching & Mentoring contact us or Apply below and Joel will reach out to you personally with 6 specific question to see if you are a great fit for his Coaching Programmes.

Lead Self

  • Shift Your Perspective Under Pressure 

  • Reset Your Belief Set in 6 Weeks

  • Install a Growth Mindset in 21 Days

  • 3 x Your Emotional Intelligence 

  • Level Up: Life By Design Personal Growth Programming (6 weeks)

Lead Another

  • Developing Your Leadership Philosophy 

  • How to Empower Staff with Difficult Conversations 

  • The 3 Pillars of Inspiring Leadership 

  • Lead Well™ - 9 Distinctions of a World Class Leader

Lead Through Difficulty 

  • Dealing with Dysfunction & Creating Cohesion 

  • High Trust Leadership 

  • Leading During Change & Adversity

Lead Business

  • Speakership: Become a "Speaker", Book your next 5 presentations, learn how to charge $5k for 45mins & unleash your Authentic Message™

  • Launch: Launch your Online Programme in 12 Weeks, so that people buy it while you sleep 

  • Empower: Empower Your Team, to Lead Your Business, so you can live your life, by design (12months) 

  • Train the Trainer: Unlock Full Engagement with Your Clients Online and In-Person

Lead Team

  • Distil & Unleash Your Teams unique Culture 

  • Reset, Resync & Reconnect for High Performing Indivduals 

  • Speak Well™ - Inspire Your People, Triple Your Engagement & Craft a Compelling Messages for Change

  • Delegate like a Leader

  • The System™ - Influential Communication

Coaching, Mentoring & Personal Growth Programming

Joel uses a combination of positive psychology, neuroscience, NLP, emotional intelligence & accelerated learning techniques, to enhance your personal insights, increase clarity and mobilize your confidence... so that you get into aligned, authentic action which creates deep levels of fulfilment & satisfaction. 

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