Personal Consulting

Joel helps people take action in the direction of their dreams

When Joel is engaged in personal coaching & consulting... YOU MOVE MOUNTAINS! 


Whether you're a professional seeking purpose or a business owner seeking a new vision for you and your enterprise, Joel may be able help you with his 6 week consultation programme.  


Joel works specifically with Leaders who have a calling to be MORE than they are currently demonstrating. Starting that Business? Discovering Your Purpose? Creating A Life By Design? Check if Joel is available to get you there FAST 


Step 1: So we can determine if there is a good fit between us, book a 10min Triage Phone Call with Joel

Step 2: If we fit well, Joel will let you know and you can book in our 45min Strategy Call

Step 3: Meet with Joel every 14 Days for 6 Weeks on Zoom/Skype Joel

Step 4: Join Joel's Full Expression Group Coaching Mastermind


Alternatively POWER COACH with Joel ASAP for 30mins




"I just got off a video call with Joel. I expected an inspiring session - I had no idea how POWERFUL, and how much impact our 30-minute phone call would be. I came to Joel to start living more boldly. Within the first 5 minutes, Joel helped me get really clear on the massive vision for my life and then helped me build a detailed plan about how to get there. Joel is a master communicator and can help you plan and build the life you want to create for yourself".


"Coaching with Joel has ignited something deep in my soul that until now, I was unable to see, feel and understand. In simple terms, it was a lack of confidence in my ability to BE me, my lack of ability to see my greatness."


“You have such a unique way of working with people. You have the perfect combination of feeling empathy for people but not letting them get away with settling or staying as they are. You give sympathy but then expect more I have never seen that in a male leader working with females."


"Joel has a fantastic magnetism and energy for life that draws you and leaves you wanting more. Everything that he does he appraches with dedication and passion."

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