Are You Ready For Your Next Level? 

2020 Dates Released:

*** Auckland May 02 + 03

*** Wellington September 12 + 13

For two unique days you will experience an incredibly empowering environment that is both challenging and rewarding

Thank you Joel. Words can't articulate how grateful I am for you and the profound impact you've had and continue to have on my life - September 2019 Participant

Do you feel a little stuck, unsure or frustrated?
Do you sabotage your results
by making excuses or procrastinating?
Are you sick of good enough?
Ready for your next level?  
Level Up 2020
(previously Life By Design)
Joel has been running his two day personal development weekend for the past 4 years and they're consistently a huge success.
"I signed up expecting I might learn a few tips and tricks. Instead, my whole mindset has shifted and my life is changed forever. Joel was like a small but powerful spark and the catalyst for unimaginable transformation spanning all areas of my life" - Megan Barnes, Agile Coach
People travel from all over NZ to spend two days diving deep into their own growth & self awareness.
It is an incredibly profound two days, with participants gaining more clarity, more inspiration and more skills to really get in the drivers seat of life.
To take back control, with confidence and clarity and really start living the life you want - join us!
One of the reasons we all procrastinate is because we're just not that clear about what we actually want in life

Take full


Once we're clear about what we want in our future, it's exciting to grab opportunities confidently

Do what matters most

Ultimately we enable you to live your life exactly the way you intend it, by doing the things that really matter

Double your clarity 

"It's 2 full

days of

reminding ourselves just how capable we are"

Your Weekend

Joel Bouzaid will deliver his Level Up 2020 framework to help you double your clarity and actually do what matters most. His training will take you below the ‘surface’ so you can get clear about what really driving the results in your life. Level Up will help you to generate confidence, resume control, take action, and be your very best.
  • Gain Clarity 
    • Change Your Mind, Change Your Life
    • Old Beliefs, New Beliefs, All Beliefs
    • Cast Compelling Vision
  • Test Courage 
    • Core Values: Distilled, Ranked & Unleashed
    • Meaningful Life Defined
    • Last Day Statement Created
  • Express Confidence  
    • The Confident Stretch
    • The Greatest Law  
    • The Eagle Mentality​​
These distinctions help you to re-design with confidence & accuracy, giving you the motivation, mindset and compassion to live your vision  

"You can’t really describe what it means to be in that room. There just isn’t an energy or vibe like it anywhere".
Participant 2018 

Joel Bouzaid

Joel provides a safe and supporting environment that is both challenging and encouraging, giving you the perfect space to be heard, gain clarity and own you’re very best thinking.   
Joel says that...

"Life can come out of nowhere sometimes and it can also be very repetitive. Either way it can be very easy to give away our control to the rhythms of our workplace, household and the noise".
Joel’s passion is to help people find clarity, regain control and do the stuff that matters most. 
By the end of the weekend, Joel will have helped you:
  1. Articulate what you actually want out of life
  2. Elevate and amplify your internal confidence to go get it
  3. Commit to a few small actions that will have you feeling empowered, on track and in charge
Contact us and Joel will be in touch personally to answer any question you have.
Level Up is for you if you:
  • want more than you are currently demonstrating
  • are leading a team or business
  • are an emerging personal or professional leader
  • are naturally optimistic but hindered by some old blocks or beliefs
  • need a kick up the backside
  • need to be deeply reminded of your potential
  • need some time to reconnect with the stuff that really matters
If you are not sure if this investment is right for you, get in touch with Joel below.

"It's 2 full

days of

taking your

life back"


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"Level Up 2020" previously titled "Life By Design"