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Have a large team that needs MORE attention?

A programme created and tailored specifically for your business 

and people needs

Joel partners with just a handful of committed clients over a minimum 12 month period to deliver onsite in-person team training that captivates, inspires and influences. Joel helps teams build their very own sustainable culture of accountability, growth & self-led high performance

A note from Joel: 

I love partnering with leaders that truly want the best experience for their people & their customers.


Partnering together is very important to me. For me, I want to be thrilled and excited to come into your workplace and support your ambitious vision. I want to be inspired by your thirst to get better and give more value to clients.


Most of all, I want to be impacted by your strong desire and focus to grow your people.


Partnering together requires assessment from both sides, however, I find that before there is can be a problem / solution match, for partnering to work, there must first be a philosophy / feel match.


So let's have a conversation together, and see if there is a potential fit. No obligations. 

You can get direct access to me by sending me an email right here

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