He aha te mea nui o te ao? He Tangata, He Tangata, He Tangata. 

What is the most important thing in the world? It is people, it is people, it is people.

We build clear, confident and connected teams

When you are investing in training your people, what you want is:

+ Results: The training must be relevant, powerful and repeatable after the training is done. It cannot be complicated otherwise, it will get lost over time.

+ Speed: Extraordinary things happen at speed & developing people shouldn't be something that drags them away from operations more than necessary. It has to be time efficient. 

+ Action: Whether its a shift in behaviour, attitude or awareness, we want to see the ROI immediately otherwise, what's the point? 

Joel brings a passion and an energy to a session that makes you listen, encourages you to take part and motivates you to think .... even in a Saturday session! He brings that perfect balance between talking and listening, questioning and informing that is required to keep a session moving. Gaynor Morrah - HR for House of Travel  

Don't Lead the Horse to Water, Make the Horse Thirsty 

Joel facilitates & trains 3 highly engaging & relevant topics honed over the last 15 years of leading his own teams, internationally. 




Your people have plateaued, are stuck or can't manage self or workload effectively.  

Personal Effectiveness 

....IS ALL ABOUT HELPING INDIVIDUALS DEVELOP A RESILIENT MINDSET​ that they can self motivate themselves to their next level. 


When your people see themselves as mentally resourced and capable they radiate that possibility through their work & their influence.

9/10 participants model change as a result of Joel's Personal Effectiveness Programme.  


Your people don't feel inspired or resourced to speak up, have little time for conversations and overall communication is average. 

Courageous Conversations 



Joel reserves this training for teams that are already individually effective and are now looking for the next level in both personal and professional mastery. 

Courageous Conversations helps your people to manage miscommunication, reframe difficulty and enhance relationships. 


Your people are committed, highly focused on self and possibly disconnected from the team


Unleashing Culture 


What is your teams identity? 

Who are you (as a team)?

Do your people feel like they belong?

Do your people feel safe and inspired to come to work?


A culture should be so clear that everyone can see it, every day and contribute to it easily with out taking away from operations.


Each training topic can be run in 1 of 3 ways to meet your time and calendar availability:


1. You have a specific day and fixed budget. We call this an 'Event' and Joel can train your team from 10am - 4pm with approx. 30-60mins of pre-work. Half Day options available. 


2. You have a specific outcome you want to embed, flexibility but a busy calendar overall. We call this a 'Programme' and Joel can train your team for 2-3hrs: 1 x per month over 3-6 months.    

3. You have a more flexible budget and results are the key driver for investing in team training. We call this 'Integration' and Joel will typically train your team for 2hrs: 1 x per month over 6-12 months. 

Typical Group Size: Small Business Teams 4 -15, Organisations 8-12

Meet Joel, Your Trainer

Joel uses a combination of positive psychology, neuroscience, NLP, Emotional Intelligence & accelerated learning techniques, to enhance the experience so ‘time flies’ and key moments stick.


Joel is thoroughly competent in professional speaking (the art of telling), training teams (the science of showing) and outcome driven facilitation & coaching (the skill of asking). Engaging Joel gives you a full spectrum trainer to manage the demands of your team & elegantly nail your desired outcome. 


Joel draws on his experience as a business owner in the Health industry for 8 yrs and an International Operations Manager in Australia & Italy. As well as just generally walking the ‘leadership’ talk for over 15 years. 


Sarah Murray

Air New Zealand

"Today was such an epic day for the team and so inspiring.


Joel, you were outstanding today and the team got so much out of your session and have even asked ALREADY if we could have more involvement with you.


In the afternoon we kept referring back to the ideas you brought to life for us. Thank You"

James Wheable

Aida NZ

"How much can you really get out of a one-time session with Joel? More than you could ever imagine! Everyone came out of the workshop more focused and inspired.


It was also beneficial to us that Joel was able to tailor the training to our needs which made the process more valuable. He’s not only an extraordinary coach but an incredibly good human being"



True Grit

"Our day with Joel was exceptional. 


Joel had my team mesmerised from 9 till 5. 


The self motivation and realisation for each and every one of my team of 18 was extraordinary.


Affirming our team culture was gold. And it's sitting on our back wall with tremendous pride"


After 2 Day Workshop

"Intuitively I knew the culture development my team would benefit from,  Joel managed to take my many ideas, and tune it to a tailor made programme that hit the absolute perfect note with very minimal input from me. 


His ability to connect on every level is a talent limited to a very few, so if you are swimming with ideas, but you just want them to land, I cannot recommend highly enough starting your team on a journey with Joel …"


After 1 Day Workshop​

“Seriously, on Friday everyone was saying this was the best training session we have ever had within **** and I’m glad I was finally part of it.


I have taken a lot from Thursday, so really appreciate your contribution for our professional and personal development"


After 3hr Workshop

“Joel had my team captivated with his energetic delivery , challenging thoughtful content and practical examples for creating a life by design!!


I have noticed an uplifting change in each person , particularly the ones who were stuck at a cross road point in their life. Well worth the investment we loved it” 

Talk with Joel

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