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You know how most managers are technically brilliant but often they have a challenging time leading others?

Well, we teach new managers (+ small business owners & entrepreneurs) how to that they can

communicate with confidence.


We do this by helping them to implement the

9 tested principles of leadership. 

It’s a 10-week online course called...




Get ready to inspire, influence and make a truly positive impact with your people

What if your professional development actually improved:

- your performance & effectiveness
- your confidence & conviction
- your relationships & influence
- your team & your culture

...and ultimately your IMPACT as an extraordinary leader?

Here's what I know after 15 years of leading teams,



And you can do it faster than you think!

0472HOT2019 (1).jpg

The truth is, leadership isn't easy. BUT as you become BETTER, and your tool kit develops, and you use the principles that work, your confidence grows and you begin to express yourself in a way that absolutely no one else in this world can do. FACT!


  • you're a high performer but you're not exactly sure how to lead

  • you're busy executing, leadership often takes a back seat

  • you're new-ish to management & need some useful tools in your kit

  • you want to inspire your team but can't quite figure that out

  • you're trying your best, but it doesn't feel like you're doing a great job right now

  • you love team leading, you just want to become more confident


If you raised your hand to any (or all of the above), you are in the right place!

When you start to LEAD WELL you will develop your very own

leadership philosophy

  • Feel truly aligned to what you are doing

  • Make hard decisions easier 

  • Experience more joy in your work

  • Understand how to think like a Leader 

  • Lead ‘hard to have’ conversations

  • Inspire your people in meetings

  • Build trust faster than ever before 

  • Influence win/win outcomes 

  • Inspire higher performance

  • Learn exactly how to grow your people 



I want to share with you our incredible system for leadership

Lead Well is a comprehensive Leadership course based on the 9 Principles I discovered building teams for 15 years.




Hey, I'm Joel, your LEAD WELL course creator & coach.

The 9 Principles you will read about below and discover inside our LEAD WELL curriculum are my most useful 'responses' to the most common challenges I've had leading teams & businesses.

- how do I inspire higher performance?
- how do I influence win/win scenarios for my people & our customers?
- how do I build trust, loyalty, culture and get everyone on the same page?
- how do I keep a hold of my best people & attract more rockstars? 
- how do I handle attitude issues?
- how do I lead difficult conversations?
- how do I grow my people?
- how do I lead, inspire my team & leave an impact? 




If you have ever found yourself asking any of those questions, you're not alone.







The Super Quick Backstory 
I developed Lead Well for one compelling reason. I have worked around the world and in a variety of industries and with the deepest respect, so many business owners, managers and 'leaders' actually don't know what they're doing.

Fortunately for me, I can relate because that's exactly how I started out. So instead of working 1:1 with leaders and having a minimal impact, I decided to package up the most effective leadership methodology from my experience, my failures, my coaching work and my training clients and get LEAD WELL to you as fast as possible.

My hope is that this saves you more than time and money and sleepless nights

My hope is that this transforms your internal story about what you are capable of

About how you see yourself through the lens of leadership

My hope is that you use this course to develop the true leader within you. And in doing so, through time, share that, by growing others. Those that only you can grow.

After all, isn't that how we measure great leadership?

This is the same system I used to develop my leadership for over 15 years


.... and here is the best part:

  1. We got to make a life-changing difference

  2. Our clients literally cried when they left us at the end of the day. Other times they were just overwhelmed with our world-class service

  3. Our team was tight. Unbreakable. A unit that was 100% on the same page. we stood for each other and always held the standard

  4. Our growth was steep, we became and we grew. Fast. In high-performance teams, that is the only way to alleviate pressure. Get better.  

  5. My efforts were rewarded. Gratitude, thanks, appreciation, reverence, recommendations, referrals. All the things you can imagine on the other side of being truly valuable to others. 

"I wish I could express my gratitude for the work you’re doing with me and the team. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!" Kate - Small Business Owner & Manager

"thank you for all the inspiration that you put in here! Your advice is definitely making a difference in my life! Lydia - Organisational Senior Leader (Team of 86)

"I really feel you bring such value to our team and also to each individual" Mark - Owner Operator




Double your confidence and lead with influence

“So, I just wanted to let you have inspired me to make the big changes. It won't be overnight as I'll need to transition them. But it is HAPPENING!!! this made a difference for me and I thought you'd like to know that”. Course participant / solopreneur 

"Working with Joel has been a fantastic journey of self-reflection, tough conversations and fantastic insight to what is possible when one puts action into place"

Course participant & National Sales Manager

"Joel brings a passion and an energy to a session that makes you listen, encourages you to take part and motivates you to think” Gaynor - Senior HR Manager ​



So what do ya get?


10 Weeks of leadership training including the 9 Lead Well principles


Post your intentions & projects in our tribe of leaders private Facebook community


Every week we go live and answer your questions inside our community. 


Implement each principle by setting yourself mini-projects each week


Connect with your mentor group for deeper problem solving & accountability


Never stop learning, testing and implementing the latest with Joel's unlimited LIVE trainings

tell me more!

LEAD WELL is a comprehensive look at the principles that have supported myself and many others in the development of a useful, and relevant Leadership Philosophy. By the end of this programme, you will have developed in the following areas

– Learn the practical tactics to inspire, influence and impact others

– Understand the impact of my behaviour on others

– Better manage speed, pressure and deadlines

– Connect with a broad range of personalities 

– Double your productivity and outperform your old PB’s (Personal Bests)

– Discover your personal clarity & conviction to lead confidently 

– Understand how to coach higher performance 

– Enable a culture of trust, care and loyalty 

– Hone your communication skills for deeper rapport & understanding 

– Better manage work priorities 

– Inspire your team onto the same page 

– Build an environment of excellence 

– Lead & close meetings with impact 

– Manage perception 

– Learn to delegate 

– Crisis Management Process

– Leading through hard conversations



Lead Well is a great fit if:

  • you lack leadership confidence or

  • you feel like you are hitting a small or very large leadership ‘ceiling’ or

  • you don’t actually have a leadership philosophy


  • you are naturally optimistic

  • your believe your team deserves you at your best

  • you know you have the potential to become more 

  • you are determined to lead well

  • you feel there is another level in your leadership AND

  • you actually understand that THIS, like anything that works, requires HARD work and you’re up for that

If that's you 

we reckon

 you've got 2 choices

1. keep chipping away learning ad hoc, miss opportunities and rely on luck, circumstance and others
2. take ownership now, step up and join LEAD WELL and get fast access to the 9 principles that helped me to inspire my teams, influence their highest performance and make the impact I was born to

LEAD WELL is for?


  • Managers: emerging, optimistic, focused managers responsible for leading a team

  • Business Owners: with a small team (less than 30)

  • Growing Leaders: refining their Leadership philosophy or approach

  • High Achievers: who see life through the lens of leadership

  • Tribe Leaders/Influencers: who want to be known for something

  • Community Leaders: where your voice matters

So who is LEAD WELL not for?


Lead Well is NOT for everyone.


You know its not for you if:

  • you've been forced to up-skill with no desire to do this yourself themselves

  • it's a 'tick the box' exercise

  • you don't actually want to inspire, influence & impact

  • you think knowledge on its own will make you better

  • you aren't committed to implementation, testing and practising 

  • you have a really fixed mindset

  • you are highly judgemental

  • you are not open to change & improvement  

  • you are wanting to use leadership to manipulate situations for your personal advantage 

  • you don't want to communicate with more confidence 




glad that's not you



LEAD WELL makes sense because its: 







Our Money-Back Guarantee

Let's be really clear about something, Leadership isn't for everyone.



you aren't ready to implement the 9 principles that will help you communicate with confidence as you inspire, influence & impact your team

If however, you do the work, implement the principles with 100% commitment and for some miraculous reason do not get the results 1000's of others are, simply send us your completed work and we will refund you 100% of your course fees. 



Often Asked Questions

Do you have a refund policy? YES, see above. 

How long do we have access? The LEAD Well Course is 10 Weeks long and after that, you can stay in our community, access ongoing live trainings, updates, course additions and weekly Q&A, so long as you remain a contributing active member. 

How is the course delivered? The LEAD WELL course is delivered via Video format and includes the bonus LIVE trainings each week inside the LEAD WELL private Facebook community.  

Can I find this for free online? No, you cannot. The LEAD WELL training and content is delivered through a specific filter that enhances learning & implementation. Sure there are blogs, videos and free content out there that is valuable and very useful, we call that information. Where LEAD WELL differs is we provide a LEADERSHIP education that involves you implementing, learning and elevating your awareness  in a way that is only possible inside a trusted community of like minded learners. Ultimately you make consistently better choices and your leadership confidence grows. You won't get that with anything out there that is 'free'.   

How often does Joel go LIVE in our Facebook community? Joel is LIVE once a week with a few weeks every quarter where he dives in for some additional training, Q&A or problem-solving. 

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