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Joel is an electric speaker whether he is in front of 5000 or 15... his energy is compelling and his message inspiring.

A master in delivery, with 15 years of professional speaking experience. Joel has worked with over 170,000 participants. 

Determined to make a difference, Joel uses his experience as an international operations manager in Italy, his lessons as a father and his success & failures as a businessman, to deliver real stories that we can all learn from. 

Joel speaks through the lens of LEADERSHIP and tailors every speech so it is relevant to his audience.





The greatest win/win for you and your people is when THEY decide to take full ownership. ​

It has an overwhelmingly positive impact on individual self esteem, it sky rockets peer respect and drives  personal effectiveness with electric speed. 

It is through owning & honing the skills that make us adaptive, that your people, become better. 

This keynote is 20, 40 or 60mins. It's inspiring, repeatable, loaded with insights and makes very powerful sense. 



Communal Culture? Competitive Culture? or Dysfunctional Culture?

Depending on industry and people, you will find that you already co-create a certain culture. And in the same way that beliefs drive individuals, culture, drives your team. 

Distilling a Culture is an intentional process and leaves teams feeling heard, understood, clear, aligned and committed. 

The millennials have entered the workforce & they want purpose. The baby boomers love a team that works better together. It is time to Unleash your team's Culture. Inspirational & Motivational.



Competing demands, value conflicts, an addiction to zoning out, too much work, not enough time and infinite distractions, as the world keeps speeding up.


When overwhelm becomes the norm, life can be tough.  

Joel share's his personal insights through 15 years of working with teams  to help your people REIGNITE THEIR THIRST FOR HEALTH AND WELL-BEING.


Feeling great upstairs is about valuing mindset, messaging and movement. This keynote leaves your audience fired up to take responsibility for their work and their life. 

Building mindset, resilience, personal excellence, embracing change and personal well-being.

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"Joel has an innate ability to captivate the audience, making his presentations incredibly engaging and accelerating learning.


A very self-aware audience left inspired, blown away and ready to make an impact.


I've already been to two events with Joel and am thinking about what events I could ask him to speak at in the future"  


Marketing Manager

Joel has his craft down to an art, his energy is infectious and his impact is powerful. 

There are few people I have observed who can connect with an audience as powerfully as Joel does.


He uses humour, humility, challenge and a genuine care for others, which enable the best opportunity for insight and inspiration. 

We can’t wait to see what Joel comes up with for our next event 


General Manager

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